Arcaya Beauty Ampoules Beauty Selection Mini Edition (Pack of 3)

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A specialized hydro pack featuring 3 x 2ml glass ampoule treatments for intense treatments that work while you sleep.

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Wake up to renewed, rejuvenated skin as the concentrated, active ingredients work on and beneath the skin as it repairs itself during sleep. Includes three different types of ampoules for a variety of benefits. A compact and very lightweight skin and beauty solution pack ideal for travel or as a way to try different types of ampoules.

Fast and easy to use, highly-concentrated beauty ampoule formula for maximum efficiency and instant results, all in a small, glass ampoule.

Part of Arcaya’s Natural Beauty Range that focuses on highly-concentrated, natural ingredients derived from plants to harness their incredible healing and regenerative qualities.


Beauty Express Beauty Ampoule, 2ml

Super high impact ampoule for tired and pale skin with fine lines and for sun wrinkles. Cellular and structural strengthening ingredients create an appearance as fresh as morning dew. An ideal “party ampoule” to refresh stressed skin that has not had much sleep time. Neutralizes free radicals and combats stress to enable healthy cell functioning and regeneration. A dash of alcohol ensures express lifting and an instant burst of freshness.

Beauty Day Beauty Ampoule, 2ml

For a radiant and fresh-looking skin. This active ingredient concentrate gives any type of skin a visible burst of freshness for a radiant, healthy look. Carotin with vitamin A and natural lipids support the skin’s regenerative abilities and leave it feeling noticeably refreshed and perfectly radiant. The ampoule is the ideal choice to protect the skin against the effects of the weather. Recommended for skin that looks sallow, weak or creased. Use at night to combat the effects of stress and damage experienced during the day.

Beauty Sleep Beauty Ampoule, 2ml

Active ingredient concentrate for nighttime use that results in smooth, relaxed skin in the morning. Enjoy your revitalizing beauty sleep and wake up to supple, radiant skin. Lines and wrinkles disappear overnight, along with red patches and minor irritations. Phyto stem cells and peptides strengthen the skin and promote cell formation.

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