Arcaya Beauty Ampoules Nature Vibes Mini Box, 3/Pack

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The definitive nature beauty ampoule pack for a healthy, fresh and natural skincare regimen. A combination of ampoules dedicated to supporting moisture retention and environmental protection for the skin, actively working to prevent premature aging of the skin.

A mini pack that allows you to try three beauty ampoules from different ranges. Ideal for those wanting to try ampoules from three ranges to see which works best for your skin type and situation.

Fast and easy to use, highly-concentrated beauty ampoule formula for maximum efficiency and instant results, all in a small, glass ampoule. Features 3 x 2ml glass ampoules to ensure maximum freshness and efficacy for each treatment.


Hemp & Olive Beauty Ampoule, 2ml

    • The Last Minute Effect & Specials range focuses on improving skin appearance, feel and complexion over time. These ampoules work in the background, slowly or quickly releasing highly-concentrated ingredients into the skin.
    • Relaxing care for sensitive skin – hemp oil is a beauty miracle for a flawless complexion. It cares for the skin, transforming it into smooth and supple skin, even if the skin is sensitive and dry. Olive oil is a valuable care ingredient and provides relief to the very driest skin.

Aloe Vera Beauty Ampoule, 2ml

      • The Hydration & Fine Pores range focuses on restoring skin properties, working on a cellular level to for noticeable improvements in skin condition to hydrate the skin and reduce the size of pores for a smoother look and feeling.
      • Combat skin damage – intensive care for dry, tight skin and redness from UV damage. Balances dryness and tension with soothing effect for skin protection. Features 100% pure, natural Aloe extract rich in minerals and vitamins. For skin regeneration in uneven skin, scarring and impurities such as redness and pigmentation. Ideal as sunburn aid before or after exposure.

Vitamin C Beauty Ampoule, 2ml

        • The Anti-Ageing & Firming range focuses on full 3D coverage, protection and lifting for youthful and radiant complexion. Works deep under skin surface for intense results to reduce the signs of ageing.
      • Collagen booster and anti-pigment – for a radiant complexion and renewed elasticity. Pure Vitamin C derivative transformed by skin enzymes to work in the deeper layers of the skin. Remarkable collagen synthesising to regenerate elastic collagen fibres. Superficial lightening effect intensifies skin luminosity for a porcelain-like shimmer.


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