Arcaya CC Cream (30ml)

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What is a CC Cream?

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CC cream is an acronym for “Colour Corrector” cream. It is a cream more focused on reducing skin redness and sallowness as well as to improve skin tone with light-diffusing properties. Arcaya’s CC cream combines this skin-improving formula with foundation make-up. Originally developed by German dermatologists as a skin care product for special needs, Colour Corrector is now a fixed product in the skin care routine of women around the world for improving skin tone and appearance.

Ideal for shortening lengthy beauty routines. Use to cover age spots, discolorations, blemishes and pimples while the foundation smooths the skin’s complexion. CC cream has more concealing properties than BB Cream, so it is more ideal for coverage of noticeable marks on the face. Leaves a whipped, light and fluffy look, feel and finish on the skin.

Arcaya CC Cream for all skin colours:

Colour Correction for an even skin tone.

Arcaya’s CC cream, in the light nuance “all skin colour“, ensures seamless correction of minor skin problems: colour pigmentation, redness, fine lines and wrinkles. Biopolymers and soybean oil are nutrient deposits, which revitalize tired and dull skin. The result? Definitively improved, fresher skin with a more even complexion.

How to use: use CC cream daily, on its own, under or over your make-up and for little repairs during the day.