Arcaya Cleansing Miracle Daily Soft Foaming Cleanser (200ml)

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Gently cleansing gel with herbal extracts for skin clean all the way down to the pores.

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Clear and fresh gel with invigorating fragrance for daily beauty rituals. Fast and easy to use, this gel instantly removes dirt, excess oil, debris and make-up from the face while enhancing the skin’s texture and feeling.

This oil-free gel cleanses the skin intensively, preserving its natural, protective film so the face is not left dry, tight and uncomfortable. Leaves the skin looking fine-pored and radiant. Use after long days to return the skin to its natural, healthy state. Herbal extracts have a balancing, refreshing effect and
help to lock in moisture so the face remains hydrated for the whole day.

Key Ingredients: Mild tenside (surfactant) mixture with sugar tensides, herbal extracts from ginkgo, ginseng, green tea and tiger grass.

How to use: Foam a small amount of the gel in the palm of your hand with water and apply to the skin with small circular motions. Then rinse thoroughly with water.