Arcaya DD Cream – Sand 02 (30ml)

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What is a DD Cream?

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DD cream is an acronym for “Disguise & Diminish” cream. It is considered the do-all cream that combines the skin nourishing benefits of a BB (Blemish Balm) cream and the concealing power of CC (Colour Corrector) cream in one product. With its anti-aging properties, DD cream is ideal for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Arcaya’s range of DD creams combine an intense moisturizer with concealing foundation make-up. Originally developed by German dermatologists as a skin care product for special needs, these creams are now a fixed product in the skin care routine of women around the world to nourish the skin and conceal blemishes. Ideal for shortening lengthy beauty routines.

Sand 02 Arcaya DD Cream – darker nuance colour:

Regenerating Blemish Balm with anti-wrinkle effect.

Functioning as a multi-all-rounder, DD cream reduces the size of wrinkles and blemishes. Anti-aging ingredients prevent skin aging and protect against sun rays with SPF 15. Perfect to disguise wrinkles. Available in the lighter nuance “Natural 01“ & the darker nuance “Sand 02“.

How to use: in the morning after cleansing, equally apply a sufficient amount of DD cream. For very dry skin, a moisturizer can be used before.