Arcaya Derma Pro Weekly Enzyme Cleansing (30ml)

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Unique biological enzyme purification for all skin types.

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Works deep within skin pores to increase elasticity and improve suppleness, all while cleansing the skin with nourishing enzyme technology. Immediately treats hard, layered skin to create softer, healthier skin.

Excessive hornification is loosened without rubbing and the pore contents are emulsified and flushed out. This makes hardened skin soft. The skin’s absorbency is enormously increased so cleansing enzymes work in the skin to remove debris, build-up and excess oil.

Key Ingredients: Lamepon and papaya enzyme.

How to use: Depending on individual skin type (dry – greasy), the entire contents of 1-3 pump strokes are used per treatment. Apply to dry skin, massage in using fingertips or a cleansing brush in circular motions and leave for 1 minute on the skin. Then emulsify upwards with moistened fingertips.

The liquid will now begin to foam, to a larger or greater extent, depending on the individual skin type. Then rinse thoroughly with lots of water. Combine with steam to intensify the cleansing result. Tip: also ideally suited as preparation for sugaring hair removal. Reduces ingrowth of hair.