Arcaya Hyaluron Flash Beauty Effect Face Mask (100ml)

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Deep Moisture Formula

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Skin feels delightfully fresh as soon as the mask is applied. Low molecular weight and highly active hyaluron has an intensive impact on the skin, quickly filling in wrinkles to smooth out fine lines. A loss of moisture is a primary cause of fine lines forming on the face. This mask restores lost moisture to create a healthy balance so the skin is hydrated enough to keep the face plump and filled.

Prickly pear extract replenishes the skin’s natural moisture reservoir and instantly leaves the skin feeling fresh and looking smooth & fine-pored. Full of antioxidants, prickly pair also reduces hyperpigmentation so the skin is left smooth and even. The skin’s complexion is improved and the face is left looking and feeling supple.

Key Ingredients: low-molecular, high active hyaluron and prickly pear extract.

How to use: apply a thin layer, including the skin around the eye area. Remove with wet cloth or water after 10 minutes.

Arcaya face masks feature specialised care for needy skin and offer specific solutions for specific problems. Environmental hazards, stress, UV rays, cold and heat all have a negative impact on our skin. Thanks to their high level of effectiveness, this mask produces speedy results for all skin types. Whether the skin needs purifying, cleansing, hydrating and nourishment, these masks offer spa-quality results and can be used daily.