Arcaya No.1 Nandina Face Cream (100ml)


Vitamin C Formula and Collagen Booster

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With its soft melting texture, this balancing anti-aging cream gently nourishes the skin and releases concentrated doses of Vitamin C. It helps plump up the skin from the inside while, at the same time, promoting new suppleness and smoothing out fine lines. Loss of firmness is systematically
corrected. Facial features are re-modeled & contours “lifted.“

The perfect cream that effectively protects skin both day and night. Just one cream with a structure similar to the skin itself can be optimally absorbed and put to use by the skin. This enables the vitamins and nourishing substances to have maximum impact and successfully combat the free radicals continually being generated during the metabolic process.

Key Ingredients: vitamin C, shea butter, orange fruit extract and green tea.

How to use: apply to cleansed skin in the morning and evening and gently massage in with circular upward motions.

Arcaya skin creams offer concentrated care for every skin type and need. Environmental hazards, stress, UV rays, cold and heat all have a negative impact on our skin. Thanks to their high level of effectiveness, this day-time and night-time cream provides the ideal balance to these daily stresses. Lightweight and rich texture leaves the skin feeling and looking its best.