Arcaya No.2 Ultra Facial Face Cream (100ml)

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Deep Moist Formula and Hydro Cellular

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A 24-hour hydrating skin care cream.

Protects the skin lastingly from drying out and delivers an immediate and long-lasting supply of moisture. Use for pure moisture for freshsupple skin. Ideal for skin that is naturally dry. Ocean algae extracts promote smoothsupple skin with a radiantyouthful appearance.

Water is the elixir of life for our skin. As our contact surface with the environment the skin must protect our body from drying out and guard against other external influences. This is why long-lasting supply of moisture and its storage in the skin are so important. Ultra Facial Cream fulfills the requirements for a modern moisturizer twice overdelivering an extra dose of moisture and lastingly binding it to the skin via lipids.

Key Ingredients: Algae extracts and shea butter. Algae has the highest source of nutrients compared to any other plant. It contains amino acidsmineral saltstrace elements and vitamins.
How to use: apply to cleansed skin in the morning and evening and gently massage in with circular upward motions.

Arcaya skin creams offer concentrated care for every skin type and need. Environmental hazardsstressUV rayscold and heat all have a negative impact on our skin. Thanks to their high level of effectivenessthis day-time and night-time cream provides the ideal balance to these daily stresses. Lightweight and rich texture leaves the skin feeling and looking its best.