Arcaya No.5 Noni Frangipani Face Cream (100ml)

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Nourishing Formula and Relaxing Complex

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This richfruity and refreshing cream has a highly nourishing and soothing effectin particular on stressed and damaged skin. Exotic oils leave skin with a uniquesilky-smooth feel and a visibly improvedlastingly refreshed appearance. Nourishing oils relieve and soothe skin prone to rednessprotect against dryness and leave skin with a beautifulsoft and supple feel.

Noni Frangipani is a cream for everyone who wants a softgently melting texturea cream that absorbs quickly without leaving a shinebut provides the skin with intensive nourishment at the same time. Noni is the fruit of the Hawaiian noni tree is the source of an exotic beauty care regime to deal with the harsh climate.

Key Ingredients: noni extractfrangipani oilcocoa oil and cocoa butter.

How to use: apply to cleansed skin in the morning and evening and gently massage in with circular upward motions.

Arcaya skin creams offer concentrated care for every skin type and need. Environmental hazardsstressUV rayscold and heat all have a negative impact on our skin. Thanks to their high level of effectivenessthis day-time and night-time cream provides the ideal balance to these daily stresses. Lightweight and rich texture leaves the skin feeling and looking its best.