Arcaya Omega 3-6-9 Ampoules (Pack of 5)

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Everything that healthy skin needs

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Vegetable omega fatty acids with vitalizing balancing strengthening and protective effect in one unique two-phase ampoule. Vitalizing beauty elixir with hempseed oil (omega 3) linolenic acid (omega 6) olive oil (omega 9) at a concentration of over 90%. These herbal omega acids are known for their balancing and constructive effect on the organism and are essential to vitality and healthy skin protection.

This is a two-phase ampoule – shake before opening. Apply the entire contents of the ampoule and gently massage into the skin.

Shake well before opening. Tapping the top of the ampoule will make the fluid flow to the bottom. To protect your hands place a cosmetic tissue around the ampoule. Snap the top of the ampoule off backwards at the break ring.