Arcaya Permanent Eyeliner (Gray)


Beauty evolves with the times.

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Modern make-up needs to keep up with the fast pace lifestyle of modern women. This is the ethos of Arcaya’s newest make-up revolution – permanent eyeliner. A solution for keeping your eyes chiseledmysteriousdefined and sophisticated while maintaining dark and bold colour for much longer. Choose from a light or dark colour so you are prepared for any occasion.
Rain showers and happy tears can not harm your Arcaya eyeliner. Depending on the pressure on the liner tipyou can determine and vary the fineness of the line yourself. A versatile soft point tip provides versatility so you can create unique lines of different sizes.
An eyeliner designed to last an entire day with absolutely no issues. Anything is allowed and anything is possible. No more worrying about your eyeliner smudgingfadingblurring or discoloring as you go about your day. Simply apply in the morning and get on with your day.
Eyes are left fulldefined and free of imperfections. Emphasize your natural eye line and create definition to complete any look. Even at the end of long day when your eyeshadow has fadedyour eyes will still look make-up and chiseled.
Apply the eyeliner to clean eyes free of any make-up or cream. Let it dry on the skin for about one minute. If you want to add some extra colourapply eyeshadow as normal. To alter or fix a limpuse a damp cotton swap while the formula is still wet. When it is time to remove the linersimply wash off or use a normal make-up remover.