Arcaya Pink Edition Ampoules (Pack of 5)

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Arcaya’s Pink Edition is the answer to modern beauty demands

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The dedicated display piece that shows off Arcaya’s Pink Edition, a collection that draws awareness for breast cancer. A stunning and colourful display that features 12 packs of Pink Edition neatly arranged, making this stand ideal for retail. Each pack features 5 x 2ml glass ampoule treatments.

Arcaya’s Pink Edition is the answer to modern beauty demands. As beauty and skin care requirements change in frantic modern times, so does Arcaya’s beauty ampoule collections. The Pink Edition is the choice to satisfy the trendiest beauty needs today – slow aging, hydration and plumping.

Part of Arcaya’s special collections, a range of different beauty ampoule categories featured in one pack for maximum diversity and effectiveness. Show your support for breast cancer as a portion of each purchase will be donated to Pink Ribbon Germany, a breast cancer awareness and treatment organisation.

Fast and easy to use, highly-concentrated beauty ampoule formula for maximum efficiency and instant results, all in a small, glass ampoule. Features 5 x 2ml ampoules from different ranges to satisfy a wide range of beauty needs.


2 x Stem Cell Actives, 2ml
This strong ampoule concentrate offers an all-new combination of regenerative elements and stem cell extracts from the alpine rose. The bio-active stem cells of the alpine rose provide intensive protection and lengthen the cellular lifecycle. Wrinkles and fine lines appear plumped up from the inside, facial contours are instantly firmer. Immediately following application, the skin appears as if in soft focus & radiates youthful freshness.

Regenerative elements and stem cell extract from alpine rose to provide intense protection and lengthen the cellular lifecycle. Wrinkles and fine lines lift and facial contours firm. Renewed and lengthened cells create a softer, more youthful appearance.

2 x Elastin Age Stop, 2ml
Maximum effect for increased elasticity of skin tissue. Alleviates wrinkles and restores the skin’s natural elasticity. Also suitable for rapid lifting care when quickly needed. This ampoule serum was developed to reduce wrinkles and restore elasticity while providing optimum nutrients for demanding, tired skin. Elasticity is rapidly increased and the surface structure of the skin is smoothed. Pomegranate extract provides intensive regeneration.

Volume Lips, 2ml
An ampoule for enchanting lips. Plumping and firming ampoule serum for more voluminous, supple lips. Increases lip volume and nourishes the lips with a refreshing, stimulating effect. For intensive firming of lip contours and reduction of fine lip lines.

The lips look fuller and better cared for immediately after the first application. Small mimic lines around the edges of the lips are noticeably reduced.