Arcaya Retinol Avocado Ampoules (Pack of 5)


Fast and easy to usehighly-concentrated beauty ampoule formula for maximum efficiency and instant resultsall in a smallglass ampoule.

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Features 5 x 2ml glass ampoules to ensure maximum freshness and efficacy for each treatment.
The Regeneration range focuses on restoring skin propertiesworking on a cellular level to for noticeable improvements in skin condition.

Cell Re-New – an intense vitamin A formula solution for dryflaking and scaly skin types suffering from large poresacne and damage. Pure vitamin A retinol with the power of avocado for special cell regeneration. Skin is strongerdenser and firmer with surface ailments eliminated. Also ideal for the treatment of eczema.
Retinol and avocado produces additional elastin and collagenstimulating cell turnover to prevent pigmentation for better skin texture. The stratum corneum (outermost layer of the skin) is protected and hydrated while avocado oil smoothes the skin surface so pores are reduced in size with fine lines less visible.

The perfect solution for dry and scaly skinlarge poresacne and skin in need of strengthening. Beauty ampoule with pure vitamin A-retinol with special cell regeneration properties. The complexion is smoothedappearing denser and firmer. Instantly improves all dryscaly and hornified complexions and skin with a tendency to eczema. The hornification process is normalized and the skin feels especially soft and smooth. Bi-phase ampoule with an oily and water phase.

Key Ingredients: retinol – cell renewingavocado oil – balancing and smoothing.