Arcaya screenage Repair Actives Beauty Ampoules (Pack of 5)

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Fast and easy to usehighly-concentrated beauty ampoule formula for maximum efficiency and instant resultsall in a smallglass ampoule.

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Features 5 x 2ml glass ampoules to ensure maximum freshness and efficacy for each treatment.

Ampoule formula that acts as a blue light and pollution blocker. Intensively smoothing serum for a perfect complexion. Protects DNA and cell integrity by blocking UV raysblue light and particulate pollution.
Features Edelweiss stem cells with extremely high skin regeneration potential. These cells are also powerful antioxidants that neutralize free radicals and protect skin cells from damage. Stress on the skin is eliminated so the skin can flourish.

Moringa extract protects the skin against harmful environmental toxins. Special active substances provide intense protection and reduce hyperpigmentation for an even skin tone. Impurities are significantly reduced.

Key Ingredients: Edelweiss stem cell extractmoringa seed extractbutterfly bush flower extractalmond oilsunflower oil and triple hyaluron.