Arcaya Tonic Caresse Daily Triple Beauty Effect (200ml)

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Much more than a simple toner – a tonic that leaves the skin feeling simply fantastic!

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A daily tonic for any skin type with Aloe Vera and glacier water for maximum hydration and nourishment. This toning skin drink is as refreshing as a waterfall for the skin. The crowning finish to cleansing, it quenches even the thirstiest skin by providing intense moisture, leaving the skin impossibly smooth and supple.

Give your skin the loving care that it craves each day. Redness and irritations are instantly alleviated so the skin’s natural tone is greatly improved. The result is skin that feels better than ever before – perfectly well cared-for with no signs of dryness. Provides absolute balance for stressed skin after long days.

Key Ingredients: Mont Blanc glacier water, rich in minerals, Aloe Vera juice, lime and geranium oil.

How to use: Shake briefly before use. Pour a few drops onto a cotton pad and dab it onto the skin and neck. Then apply moisturizer.