Arcaya Viper Ampoules (Pack of 5)

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Highly effective long-term wrinkle treatment

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Smoothing amopule with Argireline to combat wrinkles

The intensely smoothing Argireline was specifically developed to correct expression lines. The intensivesmoothing active substances Argireline and Synake were developed specifically for targeted correction of fine lines. The skin appears firmer and smoother through reduction of activity in the muscles that form expression lines. Wrinkles on foreheadcorners of the mouth and eye area are perceptibly alleviated. An effect similar to that of botulinum toxin. The skin care effect is immediately visible.

Apply locally to wrinkled areas and tap in well. For use as a long-term beauty treatment.
Shake well before opening. Tapping the top of the ampoule will make the fluid flow to the bottom. To protect your hands place a cosmetic tissue around the ampoule. Snap the top of the ampoule off backwards at the break ring.