Arcaya White Earth Detox Formula Face Mask (100ml)

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Deep Cleansing Effect

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Curative mask that also relaxes the skin. Minerals and white China clay cleanse the skin and leave it with a matte finish. Ideal for oily/combination skin types. Deep cleansingpore-refining mask with natural China clay for luxurious skin care. The curative effects of this mask become apparent as soon as it is applied. The skin immediately feels relaxed and calm.
Like blotting paperthe mask absorbs any superfluous lipids and deeply cleanses the skin. Deposits and excess skin cells are removed; blotches and irregularities are evened out. The complexion radiates youthful purity as soon as the mask is washed off. Skin feels refreshed and has a fine-poredmatte finish that lasts for hours.
Key Ingredients: China clayargan oilkaolinkernel oilsweet almond oil and allantoin.
How to use: apply mask generouslyavoiding the area around the eyes. Remove the mask when it begins to dry. Massage the mask with damp fingertips and then wipe off with a damp cloth.
Arcaya face masks feature specialised care for needy skin and offer specific solutions for specific problems. Environmental hazardsstressUV rayscold and heat all have a negative impact on our skin. Thanks to their high level of effectivenessthis mask produces speedy results for all skin types. Whether the skin needs purifyingcleansinghydrating and nourishmentthese masks offer spa-quality results and can be used daily.