Beauco Plasma Pen (Cordless) & MediNumb Pro (25g)


Beauco Plasma Pen with 2 needles & MediNumb Pro 25g

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The Plasma lifting pen can treat the face, neck, decollete, bust, hands.

The treatment is suitable for:

*Wrinkle smoothing

*Supplemental treatment of acne skin

*Treatment of pigment stains

*Plasma Lift Profi generates a plasma discharge flow which, when applied to tissue, triggers a specific response mechanism. The effect of plasma flux on the tissue allows for very effective peeling, tissue renewal, strengthening, improving flexibility, and also strengthens the tissue’s resistance and defenses.

Removal all kinds of moles, plasma with a strong coagulation for eliminate nevi, flat warts, wart, syringoma, corns, and other skin neoplasm.

**If used for home use, use with caution and follow instructions carefully**

MEDI NUMB PRO is designed to work on pain AND heat receptors in treatment such as plasma and laser.