Dr.pen Ultima A6 & Gliding Gel


Get a resistance free glide with our Dr.pen Ultima A6 and Gliding Gel kit

The most advanced rechargeable, cordless automatic derma pen is here. The same technology used by beauty salon & spa’s is now available for home use.

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Dr.pen Ultima A6

Dr Pen uses the latest technology in Micro-needling. It offers a superior approach in piercing the skin compared to traditional derma rollers. The unique spring loaded Auto Micro Needling System enables you to adjust the needle length according to the treatment. Easy to manoeuvre around all facial contours.

Looking for the perfect gliding gel for Skin Needling?

Why not try our fab Aloe Gliding Gel (50g)

It’s a medicated aloe gel which offers a resistant free glide. It instantly cools and soothes too and aloe is such a great skin healer so helps to accelerate the healing process.


In the event of Product defect or malfunction under normal use by user following the manufacturer’s guidelines, the manufacturer will repair design defects free of charge during the warranty period. Any other defects caused by the user i.e.:- overcharging of the battery, electric current connection default, dropping the unit, incorrect cartridges used (not Mikay Health cartridges) or miss use of the device, user attempting to dismantle and repair, all such cases will void Warranty.

Mikay Health suggests you ensure your pen device against natural disasters.

A 6 month Warranty is offered by Mikay Health provided the above criteria is adhered to in this period.

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