Gallinée Hydrating Face Cream (30ml)


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We’d forgive you for thinking ‘bacteria’ = ‘the enemy’ but, when it comes to your skin’s microbiome (the flora and fauna that thrive on its surface), you’re looking at really great guys. The key to a happy and balanced complexion, Gallinée’s range boasts a ‘biotic complex’ – harnessing pre-, pro- and postbiotics – to strengthen your skin’s ecosystem and help to ensure its equipped to protect itself. Perfect for compromised, sensitive, blemish-prone skin types, this bolsters the ‘goodies’ to help keep the ‘baddies’ at bay – which means clearer, less stressed, more resilient skin.


Formulated with 98% naturally-derived ingredients, Gallinée’s Hydrating Face Cream supports your skin’s delicate microbiome – helping the ‘good guys’ to thrive while promoting repair for a clear, calm and dewy complexion.

Rich and creamy yet quickly absorbed, this replenishing lotion is powered by Gallinée’s patented Triple Biotic Complex – a cocktail of pre-, pro- and postbiotics – that helps to maintain your skin’s barrier function. Soothing, protective and brightening (thanks to the dead cell-dissolving effect of lactic acid), this keeps your face dewy and plump while deflecting the everyday onslaught (it’s crammed with antioxidants), and thanks to it peace-keeping skills, this rebalancing fluid is perfect for battling breakouts and making your face less reactive – whether it’s prone to occasional flare-ups, or always a bit on the sensitive side. It’s also free from any potential skin ‘triggers’, which means you won’t find any colourants, silicones, parabens, mineral oils, microbeads, phenoxyethanol or cruelty!


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