ION Therapy Wand (White)


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The Ion Therapy Wand uses the principle of microwave pulse currentmicro electric current and vibration of generationstimulate the nerve cell system and cell functionspeeds up the blood flow and regenerationbetter to absorb nutritionachieve tender skin and anti-wrinkle effect.
It has a humanized massage headfor easy application to facial contours around face T-zone.
It enhances the absorption of serums and creams. At the same timemicro-vibration can accelerate the micro-circulationpromote metabolism of the skin. Thereby reduces the appearance of wrinkleseliminate pouch under the eyesoedemafade dark circlesrelieve eye fatigueanti eye wrinklestighten facial skinretreat eye bags / black eye circleslets serums and creams absorb faster into the skin and a total facial massager.