Kaeso Beauty Calming Mask – Sensitive Skin – 245ml

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A calming mask for sensitive skin

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Gently purifies the skin without causing irritation for skin that feels softer, more supple and looks smoother. This mask restores moisture for sensitive skin, nourishing and soothing without causing any irritation. Quickly absorbs in the skin so the active ingredients have the greatest effect. Softens the skin for a bright and radiant complexion.

Benefits from extracts of White Nettle, known for its astringent properties to close pores and prevent excess oil production. Chamomile soothes
the skin and has anti-inflammatory properties to soothe the skin and leaves is soft and revitalised.

Use as an daily mask as part of your skin care regimen to experience the full benefits of the active ingredients. Ideal for sensitive skin that needs gentle, nourishing ingredients with no possibility of causing irritation.