Kaeso Beauty Rebalancing Cleanser – Oily/Combination Skin – 495ml

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A rebalancing cleanser for oily/combination skin

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Effectively removes build-up of dirt, grime, debris and make-up at the end of the day to leave skin thoroughly cleansed and soothed. Active ingredients work to treat and soothe oily/combination skin types for a gentle cleanser that rebalances the skin for a uniform end result, helping to create a balance of moisture on the skin.

Contains extract of Mallow and Cucumber to moisturise and soften the skin with their intense hydration properties. Witch Hazel helps to refine pores and reduce oiliness. Dry areas of the face are hydrated and made soft while oily areas have smaller pores, limiting the production of excessive oil. Skin is left soft, supple and shine-free.

Use as an daily cleanser as part of a skin care regimen to experience the full benefits of the active ingredients. Ideal for oily/combination skin that needs dual-purpose ingredients to hydrate dry areas and tone down oiliness in other areas.