Kaeso Beauty Rebalancing Exfoliator – Oily/Combination Skin – 245ml

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A rebalancing exfoliator for oily/combination skin

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Microbeads work to buff away impurities and dead skin cells whilst gently polishing the skin’s surface to boost the skin’s complexion and reveal healthier, renewed skin. A delicate blend of ingredients actively work to prevent the stripping of essential skin oils while removing build-up and dead skin cells. This means dry areas are treated and renewed while more oily areas have excess oil removed.

Extract of Mallow moisturises while Coconut Oil helps skin conditioning while introducing intense natural oils. Restores the balance of skin and leaves it looking bright and radiant. Restores the skin to a natural, healthy moisture base level.

Use as a periodic exfoliator as part of your skin care regimen to experience the full benefits of the active ingredients. Ideal for oily/combination skin that needs dual-purpose ingredients to hydrate dry areas and tone down oiliness in other areas.