Kaeso Firming Face Mask Pomegranate & White Nettle – 95ml

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A luxurious creamy face mask that helps to firm tone and smooth the appearance of fine lines whilst nourishing and enhancing skin radiance for younger looking skin.

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Ideal for skin types that need a pick-me-up to revitalise and renew the skin’s appearance for a radiant complexion. Acts as a filling cream for lines and wrinkles to plump up the skin.

The added benefit of Pomegranate and White Nettle help to soothe, moisturise and improve skin tone for an even look and feeling, improving the overall complexion. Leaves skin feeling silky-smooth with a radiant glow. Active ingredients soothe and repair the skin from any damage, particularly sun damage. Hyperpigmentation is reduced and the skin’s pores are closed for a smooth finish.