LED Phototherapy Mask


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This LED Phototherapy Skin Care Instrument uses 3 kinds of light sources: red, blue and orange. Through the nano-technology light-guide material, the principle of bio-phototherapy is used to give the skin a gentle massage that accelerates the metabolism of the skin, make the skin bright and glossy. Evenly illuminate the specific light source with different wavelengths on the face can effectively reduce the production of acne, stimulate production of collagen, improve cells microcirculation, which can better achieve skin beauty combined with the mask and essence.

Main Functions:
LED Phototherapy is widely used by skin specialists becuase it’s a non-invasive painless skin treatment with significant effect and no chemical additives or pollution.
1. Promote the skin to produce collagen, make the skin more bright, reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
2. Tighten pores, improve skin brightness and make skin glossy.
3. Dilute freckles and red blood cells, accelerate the improvement of skin and achieve better skin repair after sunburn.
4. Provide skin cells with activation energy, accelerate the metabolism of the skin, and keep the skin supple.

People unsuitable to use
1. Pregnant women are forbidden to use this product.
2. Epilepsy patients are forbidden to use, as some light waves and frequencies may cause sudden on set.
3. Thyoid disease patients or thyroid medication users are forbidden to use.
4. Those who are allergic to lights.

Maintance and storage
1. After use, wipe the main body with a dry cloth. Don’t rinse it directly with water;
2. If the product damaged, don’t use it anymore;
3. It is strictly prohibited to disassemble this product by yourself.
4. Store it in a cool and dry place, avoid moisture and strong sunlight;
5. Don’t put the product in liquid;
6. Keep away from children to avoid danger.


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