MicroSkin Anti-Ageing Trio

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The MicroSkin range consists of the purest extract of Avocado Oil and is very high in Oleic acid. It helps with cell binding and enhances the skin’s ability to generate collagen and prevents premature aging.
Microskin is safe for all age groups, skin types and skin colours.
It is 100% natural and formulated within South Africa.

The Anti-Ageing Trio set includes 3 products:

  • Eye Care:
    The delicate skin around the eye is extremely thin and is the first area to lose elasticity and resilience. This fine cream emulsion tightens, reduces puffiness and has a firming effect. Prevents premature aging around the eye area.

Apply sparingly to the eye area for visible rejuvenation of the delicate skin around the eyes. Mornings and evenings.

Active Ingredients:
Avocado: Anti-wrinkle, softening and healing
Chamomile: Softening, healing and toning
Ginseng: Anti-wrinkle, revitalising and toning
Vitamins A-E: Softening and antioxidant
Tea Tree: Antimicrobial, antiseptic and healing

  • Nourishing Neck Cream:
    Advanced formulated treatment to nourish the delicate neck area and improve skin elasticity, leaving skin hydrated and supple. An anti-ageing enhancer.
    This product offers intensive nourishing, hydrating and firming properties. It is ideally suited for use on the neck and décolleté area, as well as hands and arms.

Apply after cleansing and toning, using upward strokes from shoulders towards chin.
Mornings and evenings.

Active Ingredients:
Avocado: Anti-wrinkle, softening, healing
Marigold: Irritated skin, antiseptic, healing
Chamomile: Softening, healing, toning
Lemon: Bactericide, antiseptic, antipruritic
Allantoin: Moisturising, soothing, healing
Collagen & Elastin: Moisture retention, elasticity
Tea Tree: Antimicrobial, antiseptic, healing

  • Boosting Oil
    Concentrated Avocado oil with healing and anti-aging properties
    Vitamin E enriched skin oil for the face to nourish, soothe, lighten blemishes and promote healing. Avocado Oil is rapidly absorbed by the skin, simulating the skin’s collagen metabolism to give the skin a more youthful appearance.

Apply treatment oil after cleansing and toning. Can be applied before moisturiser or alternatively mixed in with a moisturizer.
Mornings and evenings.

Active Ingredients:
Avocado: Anti-wrinkle, softening, healing
Vitamins A-E: Softening, antioxidant
Tea Tree: Antimicrobial, antiseptic, healing
Macadamia: Emollient, softening
Wheat Germ Oil: Antioxidant, blood circulation
Geranium Oil: Astringent, antiseptic
Lavender Oil: antiseptic, softening
Mountain Salvia: Antioxidant, antiseptic


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