Portable Mini Cosmetic Fridge (Pink Dots)


Cosmetic Fridge for all your beauty products

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With advanced semi-conductor refrigeration technology, the products have characteristics such low noise, no vibration, long service life and low power consumption.


Exterior: 190mmx250mmx260mm

Internal: 140mmx130mmx210mm

Cooling Capacity: 5~10 ° C

Heating Capacity: 50~55 °C

Power Input: 48~52 W

Configuration : Body, Cubicle/Divider, Cigarette lighter cord, Adapter, Power Cable

Capacity : 4 Liters
Power Voltage : 12v (AC220V)
Power Consumption : 48-52W
Cooling Temperature : 5-10 degrees Celsius Heating
Heating Temperature : 50~55?