Premium Charmant Permanent Makeup Machine


Permanent Makeup Machine for Eyebrows, Lipliner & Eyeliner

Low pain/noise/operating temperature
Dual function MTS/permanent makeup
Ergonomically designed

– IC processor chips, using a program-controlled.
– Stable power supply of-PWM method.
– Precision work to facilitate movement of the needle straight.
– Precision machining the end of the needle used.
– Type one-touch controls on the remote control mode (step15 speed)
– Easy adjustment needle length.
– There is no strain on your wrist and light handpiece (for prolonged use OK)
– Handpiece of the pigment in the blood and there is no residual.
– One-touch speed level conversion.
– Handpiece satisfying sense of the contemporary design (ergonomic grip design)

Part Speed Needle
Line 8-10 R1, R3
Brow 8-11 B1, R1, R3, R5 F5
Lip 7-8 R5, F5
AMTS 1-5 9pin, 12pin, Nano

Output: 4-12v
Input: 110V-220V AC 50/60HZ
Needle Length: 0.2-2.5mm adjustable
Speed Control: Infinite variable speed
Max Speed: 50000rpm
Min Speed: 8000rpm
Needle: blunt needle, R1, R3, R5, F5, F7, and Nanoneedle
Hight frecency: 50000rmp


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