Hydro Jelly Mask – Rose


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JELLY MASK: These facial masks are provided in the form of powder packet which takes its form of Jelly mask after mixing with purified water. Random jelly mask powder: applied to face & body, can be applied to face, neck, eyes, lips, breast, hand, foot, even whole body. It creates an occlusive layer, forcing hydration and all beneficial nutrients deeply into the skin which increases mask effectiveness. FULL COVERAGE: It covers your whole face without neglecting any small part of your skin such as eye and lips unlike other rubber masks Preservatives Free, Fragance Free, Paraben Free. No Mineral Oil. Cruelty Free. Not tested on animals.

It can remove wrinkles, make skin recover elasticity, make skin white, tender and ruddy, moisturize skin, prevent skin roughness, tighten pores, make skin naturally white, fresh and healthy

Usage method:
1. Take appropriate mask powder and pour it into the bowl.
2. Add warm water or pure water, pour into the mixing bowl, mix the water and film powder into a uniform paste with the template.
3. Apply evenly to the face and neck (avoid eyes, nostrils, lips).
4. Apply for 15-20 minutes.
5. Pat the membrane body gently before removing the film to separate the membrane from the skin. Clean and care the according to the beauty program


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